Our Approach


Investment Analytics, Inc. provides investment management consultation for foundations, endowments, corporations and individuals. We perceive investment management as a continuous and fluid process, which evolves, and changes over time.

As such, we seek long-term account relationships, which is the key to increasing performance.

We perform an in-depth analysis of Investment Policy. Our analysis uses sophisticated asset allocation modeling techniques combined with probability analysis to define an allocation that has the highest probability of meeting client goals with the least amount of risk.

Based on the Investment Policy and the Asset Allocation, we then assist clients in designing the investment program to execute the investment policy. We lead the process to the eventual allocation of assets.

We monitor the program and all elements, and provide written reports at least quarterly. We advise fiduciaries to ensure their compliance with all requirements. All work performed is documented and delivered to the fiduciaries. This includes special analytic reports on issues of interest to clients.

Our goal is completely aligned with your goals. There are no conflicts of interest; no hidden agendas. We are diligent and timely in our work. No one will work harder or smarter for the success of your investment program. Our process ensures this.


Our Corporate Philosophy

• Complete Disclosure
• Extensive Due Diligence
• Continuous Oversight
• High Standards of Analysis
• Timely Reporting
• Fiduciary Protection
• No Conflicts of Interest
• Demanding Performance